Be yourself, because no one else can.

What makes you different? Your point of view, your background, your ideas – all these help to create diverse teams of subject-matter experts who are able to deliver better outcomes for our clients, our people and our communities.

Diversity and inclusion is at the centre of who we are; it decides the way we think, who we employ and how we work. Our people work in diverse teams, making for a safe, inclusive and innovative environment.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Diversity and inclusion is for everyone. Employees feel more empowered, communities receive a voice, and we get to think in different ways and see varied points of view. That’s why, at PwC, we are focused and committed to bringing out the best in people.

Regardless of age, gender, cultural identity, sexual orientation, work style or approach, we want all our people to achieve diversity of thought and be intellectually stimulated.

We focus our diversity efforts on gender and ethnicity. We work in partnership with local and national organisations, including Global Women, He for She, and Commerce Association Pacific and Māori (CAPM).

We are also proud to be Rainbow Tick certified in recognition of our commitment to creating a safe, welcoming and inclusive work place for employees with diverse gender identity and sexual orientation.

Rainbow Tick

Our staff members benefit from flexible working arrangements, giving them the opportunity and responsibility to excel in the way that best suits them.

We know that a professional services firm can make a positive change to society, and it’s something we constantly aim to do here in New Zealand.