Our business areas

What does your PwC career look like? Take a look at our business areas to get a feel for how you could establish yourself in our New Zealand operations.

A career in PwC New Zealand can be incredibly diverse. That’s because we aim to solve as many client problems as possible through our range of professional services – and to do that, we need to constantly recruit the best people.

You can focus your career on one particular area of business, becoming the subject-matter expert and thought leader for that particular issue, or you may like to broaden your horizon on a service that involves a range of skills and expertise. However you want your career to progress, you’ll have the opportunity at PwC.

On this page, you’ll find a collection of our business areas. Please feel free to browse through these and find a place where you belong. We’d love to hear how you get on.

Actuarial Services

(Part of our Consulting business)

A career in PwC’s Actuarial practice offers an exciting role in one of the largest actuarial consulting practices in New Zealand.

PwC’s actuaries assist some of New Zealand’s leading businesses in both traditional and newer actuarial fields. We help our clients understand risks and monitor and manage outcomes, including those that lie over the horizon and out of view.

So, what does your career in PwC’s Actuarial Services involve? Our actuaries work across life insurance, general insurance, superannuation and government, including a number of New Zealand’s most iconic actuarial consulting roles. Our people develop broad skills working in multi-functional teams with our management consulting, audit and other PwC colleagues to become trusted advisors to our clients.

With PwC, you’ll be part of one of the largest actuarial consulting practices in New Zealand, with our teams based in Auckland and Wellington. We also provide unrivalled support throughout your career with us, both locally and through the global PwC network – including generous study support to complete your professional actuarial qualification. We have an environment that encourages sharing and collaboration, which helps our talented staff further hone their actuarial and broader business skills, make a difference, and take positive steps up their career ladder.

For more information, please visit www.pwc.co.nz/actuarial-services.

Asia Business

A career with PwC in our Asia Business team gives you the chance to further connect New Zealand with the world’s largest continent and fastest-growing economy.

In New Zealand, our closest economic neighbours are also some of the most exciting places to do business. Asia is a powerhouse, and is projected to continue growing for decades to come.

PwC’s Asia Business team understands the culture, traditions, laws, regulations and countless other intricacies needed for New Zealand’s organisations to work on the world’s biggest continent. As a member of that team, you’ll play a role in a region with the most impressive economic growth in generations.

A career with us will put your skills to the test as you work with Asian businesses looking to enter the New Zealand market, and vice-versa. And you’ll be supported every step of the way by your experienced colleagues, market-savvy partners and the wider PwC network – the most significant of its kind, both in NZ and across Asia.

For more information, please visit www.pwc.co.nz/china-business-services.

Business Recovery Services

(Part of our Deals business)

A PwC career in our Business Recovery Services team finds value in adversity, through trusting client relationships and thoughtful guidance. Are we the right fit for you?

There are a great number of reasons why business difficulties may arise – from companies growing too quickly to mismanagement and rapidly changing market conditions. With the right approach, communication and cooperation, situations can be calmed, risks can be assessed, deadlocks can be broken and the business can survive the challenge better and stronger.

A career in PwC’s Restructuring team will involve working alongside a wide variety of struggling organisations and/or their stakeholders to provide a fresh perspective and find and negotiate solutions. In some situations, we have to professionally manage the demise of a business with respect and empathy.

Your role could include business appraisals, restructuring advisory roles, pre-lending assessments, investigative accountant reports, litigation support and performance monitoring/management, as well as formal insolvency processes such as voluntary administrations, liquidations and receiverships as you work alongside our expert team.

It’s about finding value in adversity, building trusting relationships and providing thoughtful guidance for our clients. In return, the skill and attributes you will obtain in the Restructuring team will help you throughout your career with PwC New Zealand.

For more information, please visit www.pwc.co.nz/deals-services/business-recovery-services.

Cyber Security

A Cyber Security career with PwC will allow you to address one of the most pressing problems in the digital age and build a rewarding future.

As digital transformation grows, so does the threat of cyber attack. It’s an understandable reality; after all, the more expansive an organisation’s digital footprint becomes, the greater the chance of weak points being exposed to criminals.

A career in PwC’s Cyber Security team provides the support and opportunities for you to defend some of our most important and pivotal industries in New Zealand – from government to emerging small businesses. We help our clients by delivering services that cover every aspect of security, from incident response and penetration testing to helping organisations understand their digital risk, manage identity and develop successful security strategies.

However, cyber security doesn’t solely have to be a way for organisations to protect value; they can use it as an opportunity to get ahead and transform their companies, building trust with their customers. More and more, we’re seeing cyber security issues placed at the centre of business strategy, and with PwC, you can be right where the action is.

For more information, please visit digital.pwc.co.nz/our-services/cyber-security/.

Data and Analytics

(Part of our Assurance business)

Working in Data and Analytics puts you at the forefront of perhaps the biggest difference-maker in business history, as you find the hidden value in information.

In a world where data volumes double every year or so, the sea of information is growing much broader. The trouble is, businesses fishing for insights in this ocean of knowledge are becoming dwarfed by its sheer size. Experts in data and analytics not only help our clients identify where they should be fishing but give them the opportunity to land the big one.

A career with PwC’s Data and Analytics team equips you with the technologies, tools, strategies and techniques you need to find key insights for clients. With your help, we can improve the intelligence our clients need to make better decisions.

Whether it’s using data and analytics in an actuarial capacity, mitigating risks for local government or discovering growth opportunities for key industries, we provide the platform to develop your career and make our data-driven economy sail that little bit smoother.

For more information, please visit www.pwc.co.nz/services/data-and-analytics.

Digital Consulting

Together, we help our clients build profitable businesses and digital strategies grounded in human-centric design.

When people ask what it’s like to work at Digital Consulting, the answer is not simple. There is no such thing as routine. One day you will be brainstorming end-to-end customer experiences, the next day you might be prototyping digital services that people love.

We have an extremely diverse team working on a range of projects. Digitalians come from a number of different backgrounds, from analytical to artistic and from conventional to unconventional.

Bringing this incredible talent together is what makes our clients come back and new ones knock on our door to help solve complex challenges and address the constantly evolving digital and social landscape.

At PwC, you’ll be equipped with state-of-the-art resources and tools you need to succeed. Most importantly, you’ll be surrounded by creative, inspiring digital experts at every turn, enabling you to do the best work of your life.

For more information, please visit www.pwc.co.nz/services/digital-consulting.

Finance and Economics

(Part of our Consulting business)

Your career in Finance and Economics can be rewarding and diverse with PwC, as you work with government, businesses and regulatory agencies.

PwC is a global leader in finance and economics, providing our services to the commercial world and helping to fine-tune public policy. As economic advisers to government, businesses and regulatory agencies, we’re always looking for top talent to join our team.

At PwC, you’ll be able to play to your strengths, whether that involves cost modelling, legislative reviews, economic impact analyses, benchmarking or any other area of finance and economics. What’s more, you’ll be able to work with some of the most important clients in the country, from multinationals to household Kiwi brands and central government.

Your career will also be supported by both our local teams in our seven New Zealand offices, as well as the wider PwC global network, meaning you have the chance to develop an exciting profession in an essential role.

For more information, please visit www.pwc.co.nz/consulting-services/finance-and-economics.

Financial Assurance

Financial Assurance is one of our most successful teams, and you can join us as we help New Zealand businesses build credibility.

Many businesses, from NSX-listed corporations to small companies, need to prove the credibility of their financial disclosures, and that comes with an external audit process. As a financial auditor, you provide that assurance over their integrity, while protecting the New Zealand economy from poor financial reporting.

A career with our Financial Assurance team puts you at the forefront of New Zealand business, as you work in a diverse range of industries – from media and entertainment to fast-moving consumer goods and everything in between. PwC is a global leader in assurance, and we have a fantastic range of tools and resources to bring out the best in your abilities.

Our teams, localised across New Zealand, are also some of the best minds in the realm of assurance, creating an innovative atmosphere of excellence and self-disruption. We want to make financial assurance better and smarter, and we’d like your help.

For more information, please visit www.pwc.co.nz/financial-assurance-services.

Forensic Services

(Part of our Consulting business)

A PwC career in our Forensic Services team puts you at the centre of the action assisting clients investigate financial crimes, employment disputes and other irregularities.

PwC’s Forensic Services team is all about managing risk, protecting reputation and delivering value in all aspects of economic crime. Our work includes preventative measures as well as response, from financial crimes through to cyber-crime, forensic reviews, electronic discovery, anti-money laundering compliance and dispute resolution – a career in Forensics requires diverse skills and a keen eye for detail.

Our professionals are equipped to perform at their very best, with cutting-edge forensic technology a part of the furniture here, allowing for a fast and ordered response. You will also have the support of over 2,000 forensic professionals in the PwC global network.

Your career with PwC’s Forensic Services team will help protect the reputations of New Zealand’s organisations from both internal and external risks, letting them understand which suppliers can be trusted and keeping important data out of the wrong hands.

For more information, please visit www.pwc.co.nz/services/forensics.

Internal Audit

(Part of our Assurance business)

A PwC career in our Internal Audit team will expose you to exciting job prospects around New Zealand, and from time to time offshore.

As part of our Internal Audit team, your career will cover a vast range of interesting clients, unique industries and beautiful locations as you work from one of our seven NZ offices. Our clients span pretty much every sector you could think of ‐ from insurance to healthcare, fisheries and other primary producers, to utilities and tertiary, comms and IT… the list goes on.

We build genuine partnerships with our clients to help them understand whether their existing controls and risk management processes are appropriately managing their risks. In doing this, we review multiple facets of their organisations: their IT systems, projects, various operational areas, different financial processes, legal contracts, regulatory requirements ‐ to name but a few. We also work with organisations in transforming their own internal audit functions to make them world class.

The list of possible internal audit work we are involved in is endless, and you will never have a day with us when you are not learning something new. You’ll also have the opportunity to thrive in your professional life as you leverage PwC’s market-leading tools, expertise and wider global network.

For more information, please visit www.pwc.co.nz/services/audit-and-assurance/risk-assurance/internal-audit.html.

Internal Roles

Internal roles are part of the foundations of PwC’s New Zealand operations. A career within this team allows you to support our people and grow your skills.

PwC cannot operate without our people behind the scenes. A career in Internal Firm Services involves HR, information technology, finance infrastructure, offices services and marketing, with various specialties in between.

As part of the bigger picture, your role will involve keeping PwC performing and improving across New Zealand, reinforcing our local standing as the largest and brightest professional services firm. Whether you’re leading a major marketing campaign, enabling our experts by deploying advanced technologies or managing the day-to-day running, your days are likely to be as varied as they are enjoyable.

An internal role career at PwC lets you learn from a wealth of industry knowledge, both within our department and from our client-facing side of the business. You’ll also be able to develop through the wider PwC global network, giving you a platform to accelerate your career in a friendly, diverse and highly skilled environment.

IT and Project Assurance

A PwC career in IT and Project Assurance is centred on finding optimal performance and value in technology projects. Do you have the skills we’re looking for?

It’s estimated that the world’s 500 largest companies waste almost NZ$20 billion each year on failed IT projects. In the costly and transformative technology arena, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that prescription is dispensed through better IT and project management.

A career with PwC New Zealand utilises your skills for planning, managing an IT project to keep it on-time and on-budget, understanding how we maintain the integrity of our control environment, and delivering return on investment. This may include programme management, IT control reviews, infrastructure security, third-party assurance and opinion services, database security, Sarbanes-Oxley readiness, process improvement and sustainability services, pre- and post-implementation systems reviews, and many more important and diverse responsibilities.

If you have an eye for IT and project assurance, you’ll find PwC New Zealand an attractive proposition. We have a strong people focus, and our unique development opportunities will allow you to spread your wings. After all, the problem of poor IT and project assurance isn’t going away, but you can help us make it a more manageable issue for our clients.

For more information, please visit www.pwc.co.nz/risk-assurance.

Management Consulting

A Management Consulting career with PwC’s team involves leadership, management and strategy. Could you lead the way in New Zealand?

Many businesses like to say their people are their most important assets, but not all practise what they preach. It’s not necessarily through fault of their own – enabling effective management in the face of rising costs, poor operational efficiencies, and skill and knowledge gaps is no easy task.

A career in PwC New Zealand’s Management consulting team will equip you with the tools to develop effective leadership and strategies within our clients’ organisations. From human capital management to health and safety, by managing the supply chain and affecting change, you’ll help organisations to realise growth, innovation, efficiencies and talent optimisation – you’ll be the experienced lifeline that many businesses are crying out for.

Throughout your career with PwC, you will likely work with New Zealand’s most exciting organisations across diverse industries, lending the hand they need to succeed. As a member of our team, you’ll also have access to a supportive network of professionals, meaning you can constantly develop and progress in your career.

For more information, please visit www.pwc.co.nz/management-consulting.

Market Value Direct

(Part of our Deals business)

A career in the Market Value Direct team involves performing financial-instrument valuations both for clients directly and as part of audit engagements for an exciting array of clients.

Many of PwC’s clients hold financial instruments – whether equities, debt or derivatives. Clients usually need to have a view on the value of transactions, and this can be challenging, due to estimating the valuation impact of credit risk, capturing the impact of complex terms or managing poor or non-existent input data.

This is where we get involved. The Market Value Direct team focuses on supporting clients and audit teams in estimating appropriate valuations of financial instruments, ranging from simple equity holdings to complex structured products.

By joining this specialised and high-performing group of experts, you’ll work closely with our extensive book of clients, find off-the-shelf solutions and lead in an environment that thrives on innovation and self-disruption.

Māori Business

A career in PwC’s Māori Business team requires an appreciation and understanding of kaupapa Māori approaches to business. Do you have what it takes?

Kei aku whakateitei ki te whenua, Kei aku ihorei, tēnā koutou katoa.

Tokowhitu ngā tari o PwC, Kei Ōtepoti; kei Ōtautahi; kei Te Whanganui-a-tara; kei Taranaki; kei Te Matau-a-Māui; kei Kirikiriroa; kei Tāmaki Makaurau hoki. Ko tā Te Tīma Manukura o PwC mahi he tautoko i ngā pākihi Māori. He tautoko hoki i ngā iwi e ngana ana ki ēnei momo mahi. He huarahi pai tēnei hei hāpai ake i te whakaaro Māori nō roto tonu i tēnei ao pākihi.

Ko te whakaaro kia tū hei kanohi kitea mō Ngāi Māori, ā, kia kotahi ai te whakaaro, kia toa takitini hoki te haere. Mauminamina katoa Te Tīma Manukura ki te mahi ngātahi, ki te kōrero ngātahi kia whakapūioio te iwi Māori, kia eke!

Ko te pāinga o PwC, he maha ā mātou tari e ngana ana ki te āwhina i a Ngāi Māori kia tutuki pai ā rātou wawata i roto i te ao pākihi.

For more information, please visit www.pwc.co.nz/maori-business.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Valuations

(Part of our Deals business)

A PwC career in mergers, acquisitions and valuations will introduce you to the highest-achieving Corporate Finance team in New Zealand. Could you help us stay on top?

PwC’s Corporate Finance team manage the mergers, acquisitions and valuations side of our business. We help shareholders and executives unlock value and create wealth by providing M&A advice, financial- and value-based strategic advice, modelling, and company valuations.

As a result of the combined efforts of our high-performing team, we are the top ranked Corporate Finance team in the country. In fact we have been the top ranked firm by volume of transactions in New Zealand since 2005 (Thompson Reuters).

If you are interested in the intricacies of mergers, acquisitions and valuations, including identifying targets for acquisition, capital raising, company valuations, deal and negotiation strategy advice, modelling, and short- and long-term incentive scheme analysis, PwC’s Corporate Finance team is the right part of our Deals team for you.

For more information, please visit www.pwc.co.nz/deals-services/mergers-and-acquisitions.

Private Business

PwC’s Private Business team offers a career in a truly diverse area, allowing you to grow your skills while working closely with some wonderful Kiwi companies.

Private-business owners are visionary and have the courage of their conviction. They are a critical part of New Zealand’s success. That’s why we work closely with New Zealand’s most aspirational small and medium-sized businesses to help them succeed on a global stage.

If you are passionate about supporting private businesses, we have a strong team providing everything from business strategy to annual compliance, performance improvement to cash flow forecasting, and help with business transactions.

A career in PwC’s Private Business team will let you develop real working relationships with Kiwi business owners, as we help them manage and grow their businesses. In return, you’ll have an excellent catalyst to excel in your career and develop your skills in an exciting, diverse working environment.

For more information, please visit www.pwc.co.nz/private-business.

PwC Legal

A career at PwC Legal puts you at the forefront of the industry with the power of the global PwC network.

PwC Legal is a separate and independent law firm which has a very close relationship with PwC in New Zealand, Australia, throughout Asia and in over 85 countries across the globe.

This allows us to draw on expertise from areas such as tax, consulting, private business, and deals to offer our clients a holistic, seamless, and focused service. Our close collaboration with the PwC network is a key differentiator over traditional law firms.

PwC Legal is about supporting our clients to navigate today’s complex legal requirements while achieving their commercial objectives. We’re looking for commercially aware and pragmatic people to help us build our law firm.  We operate with a broad range of clients in a range of industries and the breadth of our work will equip you with all you need to develop your legal career in New Zealand.

For more information, please visit www.pwc.co.nz/services/pwc-legal.html.

Real Estate Advisory

(Part of our Deals business)

A PwC career in our Real Estate Advisory team lets you build a strong skill set in a foundation industry. Could we be your PwC New Zealand home?

Real estate requires a major financial commitment, so a strategic approach is essential to optimise the return on investment. PwC’s Real Estate Advisory team has a hand in the entire property lifecycle – from negotiation, leasing, business cases, financial risk analysis, disposal, acquisition and more.

A career as a real estate consultant will involve working with corporate, government and institutional investors, tenants or owner-occupiers. Through advice and assistance, you’ll help to create and guide their strategies to maximise returns.

In New Zealand’s dynamic real estate market, you’ll have the support to develop your skills both locally and through PwC’s global network, so you’ll never be stranded for a solution. With our property industry central to the wider economy, you’ll play an integral part in helping our country grow in the right direction.

For more information, please visit www.pwc.co.nz/services/real-estate-advisory.

Risk and Compliance

(Part of our Assurance business)

Risk and Compliance is a career that lets you show your worth to PwC’s clients every single day. Could you be our next recruit?

Every single business has its own selection of risks and an array of legal and regulatory obligations, but not every company knows how to best manage them. PwC’s Risk and Compliance team helps Kiwi organisations to build a resilient and operationally sound business, while also driving smarter and more efficient ways of working.

We do this through advanced data and analytics, a range of leading tools and techniques, as well as the expertise of our staff. As a member of our Risk and Compliance team, you’ll play a key part in making our clients’ businesses stronger.

That will include services such as internal auditing, identifying IT risks, internal control, enterprise-wide risk management and, of course, governance and compliance tasks – from trustee governance reviews to compliance training for board members. Whatever your day-to-day job will include, we’ll support you every step of the way.

For more information, please visit www.pwc.co.nz/risk-assurance.


A PwC career in our Tax team aligns you with one of our most diverse and successful business areas, as you work with Kiwi businesses and government on important projects.

Tax is one of the businesses areas PwC is best known for. It also has a broad reach, as it impacts all businesses and individuals. In our incredibly diverse team, we help our clients understand and apply tax law in the best possible way to achieve their commercial objectives. Technology enablement of tax reporting is also an exciting and evolving area of focus for PwC.

Of course, a career in Tax at PwC covers a wide spectrum of activities. It could include anything from advising clients on complex tax rules to consulting with the government on tax policy solutions. You could be working on implementing a technology-enabled tax reporting solution one day and helping a multi-national navigate offshore tax rules in a new country the next. You will also have the opportunity to explore specialist areas, such as GST or transfer pricing.

As a PwC team-member focusing on Tax, you’ll have the support and the development opportunities to progress your career, both locally and through our global network, as well as the backing of our accounting and legal teams. With your help, we can make tax much simpler for New Zealand enterprises.

For more information, please visit www.pwc.co.nz/tax.

Technology Consulting

A career in Technology Consulting puts you at the forefront of one of the most interesting and exciting developments in business history.

Today, more than ever, the way businesses are differentiating themselves is through their use of technology. Tech-savvy organisations can get things done faster, more accurately, more efficiently and for a lower cost. The best of these companies are constantly reinventing themselves – and at PwC, we help drive that change.

A career in PwC’s Technology Consulting team includes working at the forefront of digital enablement, cloud and automation, and cutting-edge enterprise applications.

It’s a diverse career. Our experts help executives reimagine their IT functions (people, process and tools) to ensure they can support and sustain their digital strategies and emerging operating models. They work with organisations on moving to the cloud, as well as introducing new ways of working – such as robotics – to accelerate automation and efficiencies. Our people also support the rollout of technology to address the biggest problems faced by New Zealand’s largest organisation, reflecting complex technology and process changes, governance and stakeholder engagements.

By being part of the wider PwC network, you’ll be able to gain insight into how current and emerging technology trends are shaping the world’s social and economic future, putting you in the best place to develop and grow as a professional.

For more information, please visit digital.pwc.co.nz/our-services/technology/.

Transaction Services

(Part of our Deals business)

A career with our Transaction Services team is your pathway into the largest dedicated due diligence team in the country. Would you like to join us?

PwC’s Transaction Services team allows organisations to make informed decisions during the transaction process. By deeply analysing a company’s financial performance and position, we help relevant parties understand risks, opportunities and the drivers that move individual entities.

As a team, we are in a very unique position. Through the PwC global network, we have market-leading resources and some 6,000 people behind us, giving us the ability to provide complete worldwide coverage. Here in New Zealand, we are involved in more deals than any other organisation, and have the largest dedicated due diligence team in the country.

A career in our Transaction Services team spans capital markets, includes a huge range of engagements and may involve work on both the buy- and sell-sides of deals. Whether it comprises of corporate finance and valuations, mergers and acquisitions, divestment, union negotiations or IPOs, your job will be as varied as it is rewarding.

And to help you continue your professional development, you’ll have the unrivalled support of the PwC network, locally and globally, and an unmatched range of resources to help you in both your day-to-day working life and long-term career ambitions.

For more information, please visit www.pwc.co.nz/deals-services/transaction-services.

Treasury Advisory

(Part of our Deals business)

Treasury Advisory allows you to showcase your skills, knowledge and experience on some of New Zealand’s best and brightest businesses.

Practically every business has some level of financial markets exposure, whether it be debt, treasury investment, foreign currency and interest rate risk. These risks can materially impact a business’s profitability and shareholder value.

A career with PwC’s Treasury Advisory team allows you to showcase your skills, knowledge and experience by helping New Zealand businesses manage their financial market risks. With your support in designing robust policies and approaches to identifying and managing these risks, along with strategy advice, we can better ensure our clients can focus on what they do best.

At PwC, your career can develop as you work with a wide range of New Zealand’s companies and councils. And of course, you’ll have the support of the PwC network every step of the way.

For more information, please visit www.pwc.co.nz/corporate-treasury-advisory-services.